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Neil Curry is a native West Virginian.  He began playing guitar at the age of 14 and continued while he obtained a B.A. in Music from Webster University in St Louis, Missouri.  Since graduation, he has played with many artists including Randy Breckner, Liz Nichols, Thump Daddy, Free Beer Band, Paris,  Jamie O’Neal, and Marty Brown.

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Sponsor a Student to Learn Guitar with Neil Curry

Are you passionate about music and want to help a kid learn how to play guitar? By sponsoring a kid to learn guitar, you can make a positive impact on their life and give them a lifelong skill they can enjoy and share with others.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sponsor a student:

Guitar Package ($269)

  • Guitar
  • Amp
  • Cable
  • Case



  • Tuner ($19.99)
  • Music stand ($18.95)
  • Hal Leonard Guitar Method Complete – Second Edition Book with Online Audio ($26.59)

One-on-One Lessons with Neil Curry

  • 52 weeks of one-hour lessons ($50/hour)
  • Topics include reading music, music theory, improvisation skills, switching chords, and learning thousands of songs

Total Cost: $2,934.53



By sponsoring a student to learn guitar, you’re not just providing them with the necessary equipment and resources, but also with the guidance and support of a skilled teacher like Neil Curry. With over 21 years of experience teaching guitar, Neil has helped countless students achieve their musical goals and develop a love for the instrument.
Make a difference in someone’s life today and sponsor them to learn guitar with Neil Curry.


Online Classes

  • Step-By-Step Instruction
  • One-On-One Courses
  • Learn From Home
  • Guitar, Piano, Ukalaleigh, and More!
  • Top National Instructor
  • Perfect for ANY Age or Skill Level
  • Save Time and Money – No Traveling
  • 100% Live Virtual Lessons
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Instructional Classes With Students

Starter Packages and Student Resources

Everything you need for your lessons with Neil!

Beginner Electric Guitar Package

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Beginner Acoustic Guitar Package

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Clip-on Super-Tight Chromatic Tuner

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Compact Folding Music Stand with Bag

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Hal Leonard Guitar Method Complete Book

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Sponsor a Student (1 year) – $2,934.53

(Includes 1 Year Lessons + Guitar + Materials)

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(304) 541-5793

(304) 541-5793

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