Neil Curry teaches guitar, bass, and beginner piano in Teays Valley, and Charleston, WV,   Neil also offers online piano and guitar lessons for those who want to meet remotely. Neil caters to all ages, beginner through advanced. His relaxed style and knowledge will help you achieve your goals with instruction in reading music, music theory, improvisation, and how to play your favorite songs.

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Neil Curry is an experienced music teacher who offers online piano and guitar lessons for students worldwide. Based in Charleston, WV, Neil caters to all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. His relaxed teaching style and wealth of knowledge make learning enjoyable and accessible, no matter where you are. Neil’s personalized instruction covers a range of topics including reading music, music theory, improvisation, and playing your favorite songs. Whether you’re looking to learn piano or guitar from the comfort of your own home or on the go, Neil can help you achieve your musical goals through his online lessons.

Neil is a great music teacher. He shows you how to read music and play guitar.
Neil is a gifted musician and a superb teacher. His abilities make him an ideal instructor for all skill levels, including me least advanced. I've progressed tremendously because of his diligence and patience.
I cannot say enough good things about Neil Curry's skill as a guitar teacher. Neil has opened his mind to music. My son now has the passion it takes to succeed, not only in music, but in life. Neil has been a great inspiration and we are truly blessed to have a teacher like him in our area. I don't know that anyone else would have been so influential, so encouraging, so patient, or as good of a role model.
Natalie Carr Shelby
It's never to late or too early to pick the the guitar.
Call Neil @ 304.541.5793
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Here are reviews by Neil Curry students. If you want to learn to read music, music theory, how to switch chords smooth, know what key you’re in, how to see pentatonic, modes, arpeggios, and how to put it all together for improvisation, we would love to help you. Here are testimonies from Neil’s students, plus people he’s played music with. After reading these testimonies, if you are ready to learn how to play, we’d would love to work with you and help you achieve your goals. Contact Neil on here with a message, or call my his cell at 304-541-5793.

Here are some quotes about Neil Curry Guitar:
  • Frankie Stewart: “I’ve never met an instructor of any discipline so helpful, enthusiastic and cheerful about teaching.”
  • Nashville Bassist: “If you want to really play guitar – as in, get up in front of a crowd and move people, really play – Neil is the guy who can teach you.”
  • Stacy Hatfield: “Would highly recommend Neil for anyone interested in learning guitar!”
  • Melanie Vickers: “Neil has taught me to read music and play chords on my electric and acoustic guitars in only six months.”
  • Chris Nagorka: “Neil has put a lot of effort into getting good equipment for Zoom lessons.”
  • Sonictrey: “Neil is a great guitar teacher, would highly recommend him for anyone.”
  • Tim Kendrick: “Neil is an awesome teacher, he has taught me so much about music.”
  • Luke Johnson: “Great guy and a great teacher.”
  • Carl McGhee: “Learning guitar with Neil has been extremely helpful.”
  • Sherri Young: “Neil is phenomenal at playing guitar among other instruments, but has an amazing ability to break lessons into practical, simple techniques that are fun and not intimidating to new musicians.”
  • Ken Bailey: “Neil is a great guitar instructor. Very knowledgeable and very patient.”
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